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End of the year yearbook resources

Written by Shiloh Scott

The year is starting to wind down, but that doesn’t mean your yearbook process stops! We’ve gathered some end-of-the-year resources your yearbook staff can use in March, April, May, June and beyond.

Finish the Year Strong

From celebrations to training next year’s staff, there’s plenty you can do at the end of the year!

  • We couldn’t put together a list of end-of-the-year resources for yearbook without mentioning Jim Jordan’s excellent eBook, Jim Jordan’s 40 Things to do After the Yearbook is Done. He leans on his 35 years as a yearbook adviser and the meaningful relationships he’s forged with other yearbook advisers for the dozens of projects and activities shared in his book. Plus, you don’t have to wait until your book is done for all of these – some of them can be started any time!
  • There’s a webinar to go with Jim’s eBook!
  • Your yearbook staff worked hard all year and deserves recognition. Use Let’s Have Some Fun. The Book is Done! to plan your yearbook celebration.


You worked hard on your book. It deserves the best distribution possible!

Knowledge is Power

This is the perfect time to increase your staff’s knowledge base. Have them browse yearbook resources and make plans to attend a workshop or Elite Weekend!

  • If you staff has some down time, make the most of it by reviewing Media Law and Ethics for Yearbook Journalists. Because you can never be too savvy when it comes to journalism ethics. You can also use it to prep for a class discussion.
  • Questions about why you should attend a workshop? Sabrina Schmitz, CJE, and Mike Taylor, CJE, answer them in their webinar, “Why Workshops Work: The Secret of a Successful Yearbook Staff.”
  • Look out for your copy of Idea File We’ve got an article in the upcoming issue about why middle school staffs should attend workshops!

Review Your Methods

Just because it’s always been done that way, doesn’t mean it always should. Now is a good time of year to take a look at your methods. What’s working and what could use a change?

  • Is your yearbook a class? Do you need to review how you grade it? Enter our eBook Sooo… How am I supposed to grade a yearbook class? We gathered information from four different yearbook advisers about the different ways you can assign a letter to the work your staff does.
  • Check out our Idea File article about running your publication’s social media. It shouldn’t be an afterthought!
  • How can you get more students into your yearbook? Read Mike Taylor’s article on how to get more people into each spread.
  • What’s you coverage style? Traditional? Chronological? Umbrella? Is it time to change?

Plan for Next Year’s Book

It’s never too early to start thinking about theme!

Great photography doesn’t just happen.

What do you want to do with your cover? There are so many options!

  • We have great cover examples going back years in our Cover Gallery! Check it out for ideas.
  • We love the innovative cover Sherwood High School did in 2018! They really brought the heat with their yearbook cover. Learn more about it on our blog.
  • Talk to your rep about the amazing things you can do with your yearbook cover. Walsworth offers tons of cool options – from laser cuts, to color-changing ink, to plexiglass!

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