Adviser Resources

Being a first-year adviser isn’t an easy job. But you’re not alone! Find what you need here.

The New Advisers Field Guide to Yearbook helps you learn what you need for that first year.

Learn more about all the events Walsworth Yearbooks offers throughout the year.

Our Adviser Mentor Program gives new advisers the chance to get valuable help from experienced peers.
Find everything from how to get started to tips on distribution at our exclusive help site,

Whether you use Online Design or InDesign, Walsworth Yearbooks provides the tools you need.

Get your community involved with photo sharing using our intuitive Yearbook Snap and Staff Snap program.

Plan ahead and recruit the best students for your yearbook staff.

Plan for your month by using our Monthly Checklists.
Kickstart your coverage using our multi-media coverage-centered resources.
Register for full access to our library of short videos that will help get your class ready to learn.

These resources will help your staff’s Marketing Manager promote sales.

Before you submit your yearbook spreads, use this handy checklist to make sure you’ve double-checked everything.
Our training video series covers a wide variety of timely topics and all are taught by yearbook experts.
Check That Yearbook Podcast for audio content covering the world of yearbooks.
Get great tips from the best yearbook advisers around in our free eBooks.

Ready For Change?

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