Recruit your Staff

A program is only as good as its staff. Plan ahead and reach out to the best and brightest students in your school with our yearbook staff recruiting resources.

photo by Sarah Ziff

Yearbook Staff Recruiting

Building a strong foundation for recruiting your yearbook staff is essential, laying the groundwork for a successful yearbook program. Accessing Walsworth’s recruitment resources, including webinars, blogs and eBooks can aid in crafting an effective recruiting strategy. Regardless of school size, recruiting with intention, leveraging guidance counselors, and generating excitement among students during class registration are crucial steps. Utilizing creative tools and marketing techniques like social media and word-of-mouth can attract the right students to your team. By implementing these strategies consistently, you can establish a strong and dependable yearbook staff, reducing workload and ensuring a productive yearbook production cycle.

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Your student body wants to see more than concrete walls on their way to lunch. Add some life and color to your school with our recruitment posters. Ignite excitement in your building by advertising your program and all the cool things you do.