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The Walsworth Yearbooks Podcast Network (WYPN) produces on-demand, audio content covering the world of yearbooks, scholastic journalism, media and marketing. Take a look at our shows below!

Original Podcasts

That Yearbook Podcast

That Yearbook Podcast

Welcome to That Yearbook Podcast, the series where yearbook experts Mike Taylor, CJE, Jim Jordan and Sabrina Schmitz, CJE, take us on a delightful journey through their personal connections to yearbooks and the fascinating world of student journalism. The trio shares their unique stories and experiences that have shaped their perspectives on creating amazing yearbooks.

Current Episode

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Yearbook Chat with Jim

Behind every yearbook is a great story, and Jim Jordan is exploring
those stories. Join Jim as he interviews the people behind the
yearbooks. From new advisers who just made it through their first
year, to long-time yearbook lovers looking at retirement, Yearbook
Chat with Jim shows the human side of creating a yearbook.

Current Episodes

To hear more from the archives of Yearbook Chat with Jim, visit walsworthyearbooks.com/podcasts/yearbook-chat-with-jim.

Ask Mike

Need to sharpen your yearbook skills? Ask Mike! Mike Taylor, CJE,
is exploring what it takes to tell a great story with your yearbook,
with a few laughs along the way. Mike enhances his already immense
yearbook knowledge through interviews with yearbook advisers across
the country and answers questions along the way.

Current Episode

To hear more from the archives of Ask Mike, visit walsworthyearbooks.com/podcasts/ask-mike.


Behind the Byline

Scholastic journalism students develop important skills while
working on student publications. But what do they do with
those skills after they graduate? Hosts Evan Blackwell, CJE, Jenica
Hallman, CJE and Sarah Scott will delve into the lives and careers
of former scholastic journalism students as they share how the
skills they learned as students help them now.

Current Episode

To hear more from the archives of Behind the Byline,
visit walsworthyearbooks.com/podcasts/behind-the-byline.