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Yearbook staffs continue to succeed, and sell, despite pandemic

The previous school year required more adapting than ever before for schools across the nation, and completing a yearbook during this period seemed daunting, to say the least. Yet many yearbook staffs not only succeeded in producing their book, but they thrived with sales while embracing new programs and marketing tactics. “In the beginning of…

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Heat up your social media with our July social media calendar

Get ready for a new social media experience! We have created a monthly social media calendar that your yearbook staff can use to help you promote your yearbook while also engaging your school community. This calendar will help elevate your social media presence with a variety of daily posts, many of which end with a call-to-action to purchase…

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Find beautiful covers, themes and spreads in the Design Showcase galleries

Imagine the Possibilities

The latest version of Walsworth’s Possibilities idea book is now available. Get inspiration from the finest themes, spreads, covers and photos done by Walsworth Yearbooks schools in the past year.

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