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Creating Thoughtful Themes – Your Guide to 2025 Theme Development

This training video, “The Thoughtful Theme”, hosted by yearbook experts Mike Taylor, CJE, Jim Jordan and Sabrina Schmitz, CJE, provides invaluable guidance when developing thoughtful and impactful themes for your yearbook. Be sure to watch this video with your staff before theme planning.  A great theme goes beyond surface-level graphics and fonts – it uses…

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A stack of books and awards from the Graphex Awards

Walsworth Wins Big at the 2024 GraphEx Awards

Walsworth is proud to announce a remarkable three Best in Class, 11 Best in Category and 13 Award of Recognition wins at the recent GraphEx Awards Competition, hosted by PIA MidAmerica on April 25. These awards recognize exceptional printing quality in a wide variety of categories, from hardcover books to web-printed magazines. Here’s a closer…

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Take a break in May and celebrate

Since school will be ending soon, it is time to start cleaning the classroom, checking equipment for repairs and replenishing supplies, even if you are a fall delivery book.

Whether your staff has worked hard this year or is still working hard, an occasional break can make work go faster and smoother.

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