summer yearbook spread

Just because school is out, doesn’t mean your staff stops working. In fact, summer can end up becoming a busy time of the year for your team. You and your staff will probably spend June, July and August developing your theme, attending workshops and camps, preparing for the upcoming year and training for your roles

Yearbook Help Page_Graduation

Graduation happens every year: the seniors walk the stage, pose for a camera with their school board and toss their caps to the wind to celebrate their accomplishments. At the end of the day, your staff wants your graduation spread to be unique to the school year with eye-catching design and coverage.

Yearbook Help Page_Indexing

A fully developed yearbook index – usually the very last thing in the book you complete – shows the reader how much you care. You gathered great information about the people and events that happened at your school so that they could find, see, read and enjoy it all!

Yearbook Help Page_Colophon

Some yearbook advisers have specific reasons they believe colophons are important and details they like to include in them. However, do not make the error of overlooking the importance of including a colophon in the book, as your yearbook staff should consider it a necessary part.

Yearbook Help Page_Spring Sports

Spring sports for yearbook are tricky. The warm weather is approaching, the seniors are beginning their transition to graduation and many of you are starting to feel the sweet approach of summer vacation. Despite the temptation, it’s important that your staff prepare in advance for adequate spring sports coverage. Here are some tips and tricks for making your spring sports coverage the best it can be.

Yearbook Help Page_Holidays

Covering the Holidays

Your student body is more than the clubs they are a part of and the teams they participate in. Students share holiday traditions with their family and friends, and it’s your job as the yearbook staff to showcase your school’s stories. Because most of your holiday fun will happen outside of the classroom, there are ways to prioritize coverage while still enjoying the holidays.