Photo by: spread by Christa Mcauliffe Middle School, Boynton Beach, Florida

Making the Best Summer Spread for Your Yearbook

Written by Danielle Finch

Have you ever had an idea, but not known where to start? You’re not alone! That’s why Walsworth developed Coverage Starters – a series that highlights spreads schools have created on specific topics. We’ll explore how schools are covering different topics so you can find inspiration and brainstorm your own unique twist. You’ll be able to view spreads or download a zip file of them at the end of this blog. This next topic focuses on summer coverage and how to create a great yearbook summer spread. 

Just because school is out, doesn’t mean your staff stops working. In fact, summer can end up becoming a busy time of the year for your team. You and your staff will probably spend June, July and August developing your theme, attending workshops and camps, preparing for the upcoming year and training for your roles. 

As you navigate through your own summer responsibilities, pay attention to the adventures happening around you. Personal or school-sponsored trips; unique summer jobs; church, athletic or extra-curricular camps; helping watch younger siblings or just spending extra time with friends at their favorite summer hangouts can all make interesting summer coverage. Let’s discuss 3 ways you can capture your school’s summer in your yearbook and how to make an effective spread. 

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

We are all connected to social media in one way or another, regardless of age! Tap into the social media platforms your student body uses the most and start looking. Find those picture-perfect moments on Instagram and schedule an in-person or FaceTime interview by texting them or sending a DM. The sooner you act, the more authentic of an interview you will receive. For a litany of social media resources, visit our social media page

Stay Organized

Assign your staff, especially editors, different subtopics for summer coverage. Maybe some will focus on student jobs, while others will focus on trips and vacations. Consider summer conditioning or any other relevant features that might fit into the book. What angles can you cover? Using as many of your staff members as possible to cover the summer provides more angles and opportunities to explore. Use organization apps like Slack or GroupMe to keep up with your staff over the summer so everyone remains on the same page. 

Ensure Variety

The last thing you want to do in your summer spread is cover too much of the same thing. Be sure you cover something unique to the summer of 2023. Analyze your coverage from last year, then avoid redundant topics like trips to the beach or to Paris. What are kids doing that’s new this summer? Assess your previous coverage and deviate from the status quo. Always strive to bring a new perspective.

Inspirational Yearbook Summer Spreads


Austin High School | Austin, Texas 

This spread is unique in its organization. The designer(s) created modular packages that focus on different facets of the summer, including summer conditioning, student jobs and fine arts activities. This is a great way to sample a variety of students and their interests over the summer.

Christa Mcauliffe Middle School | Boynton Beach, Florida 

Stats and polls are a great way to capture the summer without having too much of a photo-centered spread design. This middle school staff decided to focus on different statistics like sleeping patterns, activity preferences and pull quotes. This is a great way to capture the summer, especially if you’re light on good photos. 


Colonial Forge High School | Stafford, Virginia 

Sometimes there are specific students who are doing amazing things over this summer. This spread focuses on one student who traveled to Los Angeles to participate in a college psychology program. The spread is designed with a primary Q&A with modular packages that focus on other student summer activities. This is a great spread concept if you have a really compelling student feature piece.


J.W. Mitchell High School | Trinity, Florida

One of the best parts of summer coming to an end is back-to-school clothes shopping! This staff took advantage of the tradition,focused on some trends for back to school and covered the coveted activity of shopping for school clothes. This is a great coverage angle for the summer.


Don’t let the summer moments slip away. Take advantage of all the cool things your student body is doing this summer and capture those unforgettable moments. Make a summer spread in your yearbook that will captivate the highlights of those months. Once you hit the ground running in the fall, you’ll be glad you did! Access all spreads referenced in our video here

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