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Jill Chittum

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2022 was full of unforgettable moments, and your yearbook has a responsibility to record those events. Whether it’s full features or modular packages, it’s vital that your book covers the things that happened both inside and outside your school walls. Your staff might groan at the task of covering current events; however, recording current events…

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September 14, 2022 / Photography

Your job just got a little easier now that Photopea and Yearbook 360 – Online Design are more integrated than ever. You can now make edits in Photopea that will save directly to Yearbook 360 – Online Design or edit a photo directly from your spread and have Yearbook 360 – Online Design automatically replace…

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August 5, 2022 / Photography

Spread the word to your school community that you want their photos! Then, when parents and students start uploading their photos with Yearbook Snap, watch your coverage creativity go wild. Yearbook Snap, Walsworth’s mobile app, makes your crowdsourcing efforts easier than ever. Students, parents and others in your school community can take photos and quickly…

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a photo of two students in a science lab. One has a shocked expression looking at the science experiment and the other student is grinning at the other student's reaction.
April 29, 2022 / News / Photography

We challenged schools to tell the story of the year – to record and preserve it for history. You took the challenge and ran with it for the 2022 Photo Contest, proving that this was a year chalked full of memories that will never die. The images were striking, displayed technical mastery and evoked emotion.…

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a banner of yearbooks that says "Your Inspiration has Arrived"
March 24, 2022 / Copywriting / Coverage / Design / Photography

If you are looking for inspiration, look no further than Possibilities, volume 9. This bi-annual publication has been providing it since 2006. Now the latest volume is hot off the press and sure to generate yearbook excitement and creativity in your staff, and it has more to show than ever before. With over 950 examples…

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Graphic advertising the Walsworth Photo Contest
March 14, 2022 / Photography

Yearbook photographers across the country currently have their chance to win one of eight $150 Visa gift cards (and bragging rights!). That’s because Walsworth’s 2022 Photo Contest is up and running, continuing until Friday, April 1. So don’t forget to enter! Photographers are competing in eight categories. Entries into this year’s contest can be uploaded…

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October 6, 2021 / Photography

Your pictures tell the story of the year and draw your readers into your book. They can educate, illuminate, entertain and make our world a more beautiful place. Including eye-catching photos will improve any yearbook spread beyond measure. In a world full of iPhones, Androids and countless types of digital cameras, anyone can press the…

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May 4, 2021 / News / Photography

In a year where everything changed, one thing remained the same; Walsworth Yearbooks once again received thousands of impressive entries for this year’s Photo Contest! With so many unique, new photos coming in, judging them was no easy feat. Luckily, our expert judges were up to the task and we were able to narrow it…

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