Yearbook 360 - Online Design


Yearbook 360 – Online Design offers an intuitive experience, whether you and your staff are brand new to yearbook or award-winning yearbook veterans.

• User focused design – Our user-focused design makes it easy to know what to do.
• Unprecedented visibility and class management capabilities – Keeps you organized and gives you visibility to staffers’ work.
• Intuitive photo management – Our photo system makes it easy for your staff to organize photos with topic and student tags.
• Error-proof portrait pages – Adjust your portraits to look exactly as you like with the ease of our automatically adjusting layout tool.
• Automatic indexing – Our one-of-a-kind continuous indexing runs effortlessly in the background at all times, meaning your index stays up-to-date.
• Searchable ClikArt – using keywords, categories and tags ClikArt can be searched, allowing you to find the right graphics for your pages simpler and faster.

Enhancements for Adobe Creative Cloud


Enhance your InDesign, Photoshop experience

Walsworth fully supports the Adobe Creative Cloud with our Enhancements, which speed your ability to create your book:

  • Our Designer Series layouts and Express Libraries graphics can be used in the yearbook as-is, or can be modified to fit your needs
  • Index will guide you step-by-step through the indexing process

Contact your local Walsworth Yearbooks sales rep today to learn more about our Enhancements for Adobe Creative Cloud.

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