Sell More Yearbooks with Strategic Marketing Curriculum

This in-depth marketing book will help you and your staff:

  • Define and get to know your target audiences
  • Learn how to use the 4P’s to ensure your marketing is effective
  • Define the right marketing tactics for your school community
  • Set up your marketing plan
  • Understand ways to use social media to maximize engagement with your purchasers

Download this free eBook for tons of great marketing ideas that other schools have used to create excitement and sell more books.

Now that you know what marketing is and how to use it, reference this handy PDF to:

  • Make sure you’ve covered everything in your marketing plan
  • Teach other staffers what tools are available
  • Use as a refresher when you need it

Use this checklist to make sure you’re covering all the bases!

Distribute this survey with your yearbook to get opinions and improve next year’s yearbook.

Let us take some of the marketing stress off your shoulders. Enroll in our Parent Email Program (PEP).

Use our social media calendar with your staff to plan and organize your social presence.

Let us take some of the marketing stress off your shoulders. Enroll in our Parent Email Program (PEP).

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