Yearbook Chat with Jim

Walsworth Special Consultant Jim Jordan spent 35 years as an award-winning yearbook adviser. Now he seeks out the unique, personal stories from those still in the classroom.

Every episode brings new compelling interviews as advisers reflect on their year and career.

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Yearbook Chat with Jim

Behind every yearbook is a great story, and Jim Jordan is exploring those stories.

Join Jim as he interviews the people behind the yearbook in Yearbook Chat with Jim, part of the Walsworth Yearbooks Podcast Network (WYPN). From new advisers who just made it through their first year, to long-time yearbook lovers looking at retirement, Yearbook Chat with Jim shows the human side of creating a yearbook.

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Current Episode

Crystal Kazmierski’s yearbooks started winning major scholastic journalism awards before she even knew they were a big deal. She advised 24 yearbooks at Arrowhead Christian Academy in Redland, California. Twenty-two of them won Pacemakers and one of them was a Pacemaker finalist. The one year they didn’t place was because they didn’t enter. In this episode, Jim chats with his longtime friend about her amazing career. Starting with how she came to yearbook (with her college degree in theater), their conversation follows her career all the way to retirement in 2017. During their chat, Crystal and Jim touch on how she built a yearbook program that won awards and influenced the yearbook world.

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