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High-impact ideas to try in your yearbook

Written by Kris Mateski, CJE

With your theme decided, it’s time to think about options that will make your book shine. From laser cut covers or endsheets to adding a gatefold inside, your options are virtually endless. Here are a few ways schools added a fab factor to their 2019 yearbooks. Now it’s your turn; let your imagination run wild!

Split Covers

Want to give students an option to order the book color they want or make the senior yearbook a little more special? Split covers can do just that!

With split covers (seen in the picture above), you choose how many cover versions you want. We often see two versions, with one option for seniors and one for all other grades, or three versions where students choose which color they want.

The covers are usually the same basic design with either a difference in background or accent colors, or maybe an addition of a hot foil or premium look for the senior book. Split covers are an easy, fun way to make the yearbook feel a little more personalized.

Laser Cuts

Adding a laser cut to your cover is a fun way to create dimension and visual interest. The laser cut can be anything from a simple shape or word to a more intricate design highlighting your theme. This feature is a great way to highlight areas of your endsheet that are normally hidden when your book is closed.

And laser cuts aren’t just for covers. You can also laser cut your endsheet to show part of your title page, like we did in the most recent Possibilities book, volume 8.

Laser cut covers from Jack Britt High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina; King School, Stamford, Connecticut; Milford Junior High School, Milford, Ohio; St. Teresa’s Academy, Kansas City, Missouri



Plexiglass covers catch our eye every year. What we love is how different each cover can be while using the same material. Use plexiglass in a small amount on your cover, similar to a laser cut, or use it for almost the entire surface. Either way, it gives the cover a chance to shine.

Gatefold Inserts

Pages that fold out within your book, known as a gatefold, can highlight and give additional coverage to something special from the year. Schools create gatefolds of their senior class photo and activities, a timeline showing coverage over the years during an anniversary year or a special or new event at the school they want to highlight, like homecoming or the first all-school field day at Notre Dame de Sion in this example below.

Gatefold insert from Notre Dame de Sion High School, Kansas City, Missouri


These are just a few ways to help your book stand out. Talk to your Walsworth Yearbooks rep to find the perfect option within your budget for your book.

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Kris Mateski, CJE

Kristin Mateski, CJE, is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Walsworth. Her love for marketing and degree from Southern Methodist University led to work at national advertising agencies in Dallas and Kansas City. Her father worked as a pressman, so it was just a matter of time before she returned to the world of print, joining Walsworth in 2009. With her team, Kris helps provide yearbook advisers and their staffs with the tools they need to brainstorm, build, promote and sell their yearbook.