Behind the Byline

Journalism students develop important skills working on their school yearbook, newspaper or broadcast program. What do they do with those skills later in life?

The Behind the Byline podcast answers that question. You'll want to listen!

Behind the Byline

Scholastic journalism students develop important skills while on the staff of their high school or college newspaper, yearbook, online paper or broadcast program. But what do they do with those skills after they graduate?

Behind the Byline answers that question – and the possibilities are extensive. Hosts Evan Blackwell, Jenica Hallman and Sarah Scott will delve into the lives and careers of former scholastic journalism students as they share how the skills they learned as students help them now and how current student journalists can develop the skills they need to propel their careers.

Brought to you by the Walsworth Yearbooks Podcast Network (WYPN), Behind the Byline provides inspiration, ideas and real life examples of the important role scholastic journalism can play in finding career success.

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Dan Gelston jokes that he got into sports journalism because he wanted to attend the games for free, but his start covering high school games in a small town launched an impressive career. Gelston now works for the Associated Press. He’s covered everything from the Kentucky Derby, to the Olympics in Beijing, to figure skating championships. In this episode, he shares some of the skills he started to develop as a high school and college journalist, and how those skill helped him reach where he is today. He also shares advice for aspiring journalists.

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