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Listen in as Walsworth Journalism Specialist Mike Taylor, CJE, talks the finer points of yearbook creation with advisers from all across the country.

Coverage, design, photography... Mike covers it all!

Photo by Carson Taylor

Ask Mike

Need to sharpen your yearbook skills? Ask Mike!

In this podcast from the Walsworth Yearbooks Podcast Network (WYPN), Mike Taylor, CJE, explores what it takes to tell a great story with your yearbook, with a few laughs along the way. Mike enhances his already immense yearbook knowledge through interviews with yearbook advisers across the country, and helps advisers and staffs create their amazing yearbooks.

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Current Episode

Mike spends a lot of time traveling from yearbook workshop to yearbook workshop all over the United States. At two recent workshops, one in California and one in Florida, he was especially impressed with the editors at Saugus High School and Freedom High School. So he interviewed them! These students already have impressive yearbook careers. They shared their experiences and their expectations for their 2020 yearbook.

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