Bolster yearbook income with business ad sales

Start or improve your business ad sales with all these resources.

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Market to Businesses

Take a look at the links below on appointing a marketing manager, creating a plan, setting up a calendar, teaching students to set appointments, and using scripts for your staff to practice talking to managers. Use the market survey to show businesses how much money teens spend. Templates for letters are available, too.

Watch our ad sales webinar! 

Motivational speaker Jeb Blount shares his personal story of how selling yearbook ads for his own high school ignited his passion for selling, inspired his own sales career and set him on the path to being one of the foremost thought leaders in the sales world today. Watch this webinar to get inspired!

Business Ads Sales Calendar

A calendar keeps business ads sales on track

Recruit a marketing manager

Recruit a marketing manager

Distribute a market survey

Yearbook-Business-Ad-Market Survey

Create your business ads sales plan

Yearbook Business Ad Sales Plan

Do-it-yourself templates for business ad sales

Past Due Collections Letter 
Business Ad Follow-Up Letter
Business Ad Invoice
Business Ad Letter
Business Ad Thank-You Letter
Buy a Business Ad Letter
Buy a Business Ad Letter – Reschedule
Buy a Business Ad Letter – Thank You
Follow-Up Letter to Business

Create a rate card

Ad Rate Card 

Review sales pitch and objections

Review sales pitch and objections

Create an invoice

Business Ad Invoice

Set up appointments

Business Ads: Set Up Appointments

Practice with business ads sales scripts

Scripts for business ad sales