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Walsworth ♥ yearbooks and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to proclaim our love

Written by Shiloh Scott

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. This year Feb. 14 falls on a Friday.

If you’ve been aware of Walsworth Yearbooks for a while, you may have noticed that we love Valentine’s Day. Wait, no. We luuuuurrrve Valentine’s Day.

It’s not because of any desire for red roses or to end up in a sugar-induced stupor (okay, maybe the second one a little bit). It’s because we like to celebrate the love of yearbook.

Have Passion

One of my favorite things about people is when they’re truly passionate about something. Even if it’s the ideal spandex-to-cotton ratio for socks, if it lights a fire in your belly, I want to hear about it.

That’s where yearbookers stand out. Many middle- and high-school-aged students try to be too cool for school (hopefully not literally!), but that just doesn’t work when you’re producing a yearbook. It’s hard to create a great book if you don’t care about it. I’m not saying that yearbookers never get frustrated or that they love every aspect of the process (like when you’re on your third round of proofing and find a typo). But, generally, the students and teachers who take part in the yearbook process do it because they care. And that’s amazing.

Let’s Celebrate

We don’t need a special occasion to throw a party, but since it’s a holiday let’s have a little fun. Bring in snacks during yearbook time next week. Hand out blank Valentine’s cards and have your students write why they love yearbook on them. Keep those notes for when you’re having a rough day and need a reminder – those big final deadlines are right around the corner so you’ll probably need a boost.

Keep an eye out for Walsworth’s own celebration. We had yearbook advisers submit their “Why I Love Yearbook” reasons, and we’ll be sharing them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram leading up to Valentine’s Day. You can also check out our eBook, appropriately titled “Why I Love Yearbook.”

Use the Holiday to Boost Sales

Looking to boost your yearbook sales? Use Valentine’s Day to run a special!

In the past, Key Largo School in Key Largo, Florida, challenged each of the classes in their school to reach a 100% purchase rate. The deadline was February, and the first class to reach that goal got a pizza party from the yearbook staff!

Shawnee High School in Lima, Ohio, ran a “Red Hot Yearbook” promotion leading up to their Feb. 14 Sadie Hawkins Dance. They filled up a container with more than 2,000 Red Hot candies and challenged students to guess the exact number. The prize package included two free tickets to the dance, dinner for two, a candy heart and custom t-shirts. The catch: only student who had purchased a yearbook could enter.

You could also set up a coupon code in the online School Store. Holidays are a great time to boost yearbook sales by offering a discount.

Keep On Keeping On

Now, go forth, have some fun, make some sales and continue being passionate about yearbook. Also, maybe enjoy some candy. You’ve earned it.

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Shiloh Scott

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