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May 31, 2012 / Yearbook Zen

Remember the camaraderie, excitement and motivation as you started your current yearbook? That is our idea of Yearbook Zen. Now you may be asking where the energy and time have gone as you are dreaming of your summer vacation. But it’s still a good time to get back to the idea of Yearbook Zen.

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June 30, 2009 / Coverage / Idea File Supplement

Shopping malls are great places to get ideas for designs, fonts, headlines, subheads, folios, and even stories. Trips to two malls with two yearbook advisers and staff members yielded plenty of ideas for yearbooks. The ideas can be found in the Spring 2004 issue of Idea File, Volume 14, Issue 3. However, there were too many good ideas to fit in the printed issue. Here are additional images from the two trips with ideas that you may find useful.

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September 25, 2005 / Fall 2005 / Fundraising

Figuring out new and creative ways to bring in money is an annual goal for many yearbook staffs. After all, yearbook programs need funds to keep making improvements to the book. Some staffs come up with some really fun ideas. Here is a quick look at a few of those ideas that were very successful for the schools involved:

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April 30, 2004 / Coverage / Design / Spring 2004

Mall crawling is an inexpensive means to collect ideas for yearbooks

Teens are familiar with their local mall — the location of their favorite stores, favorite eating spots and the best places to hang with their friends.

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April 30, 2004 / Spring 2004 / Staff Management

Brainstorm. Any word with “storm” in it must be fairly intense. When you brainstorm for story ideas, dozens of thoughts are going through your mind at once. You may be using your brain, but brainstorming can be a gut-wrenching process. However, there are ways to capitalize on the process to make it more useful. Brainstorming for story ideas is a year-round activity for the yearbook staffs at three high schools where the advisers have tried-and-true methods for helping their students through the process.

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