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Possibilities, Vol. 7 has arrived

The newest edition of Walsworth's idea and showcase book is now available for yearbook staffs to find inspiring design, photography and coverage ideas.

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Staff Management

December 6, 2016 / Staff Management

The holiday season is here, but you are probably well aware that a little yearbook work needs to be mixed in with all the upcoming festivities and family time. Now is a great time to plan student life coverage for the winter break. Editors need to put into place plans to review spreads and proofs,…

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September 30, 2016 / Staff Fun / Staff Management

As the year progresses, your staff may get stressed during deadlines; tension may even appear in the classroom. That’s why students need to continue to work on team building to keep relationships strong. Also, games and activities relieve stress and foster comradery while bringing fun into the yearbook room. Try “Get to Know You Bingo.”…

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September 12, 2016 / Staff Management

Icebreakers and games help students bond and work together more productively. Games will also reduce stress during deadlines throughout the year. Use the “Teambuilding Through Staff Management” unit of the Yearbook Suite to get your staff working together in harmony quickly. That unit was written by Jessica Young, adviser at Orange Glen High School in…

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September 8, 2016 / News / Staff Management

In an effort to provide assistance and make life easier for the hundreds of yearbook advisers across the country working with students to create yearbooks in their schools, Walsworth Yearbooks announced the launch of a new Adviser Mentor Program. Walsworth’s Adviser Mentor Program will match up experienced yearbook advisers (mentors), who have successfully created a…

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Get ready for summer workshop
May 23, 2016 / Staff Management

Your yearbook staff can get some much-needed time away from school for fun, rest and relaxation this summer. However, there is also plenty of time to squeeze in prep for next year’s book. Summer workshop is the best place to start laying that foundation. Taking some time to work on theme, cover and tech training…

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Fort Worth Country Day signing party

Yearbook distribution days are taking place all over the country this month, and we want to hear your stories and see your pictures! Visit the Walsworth Yearbooks Facebook and Twitter pages (@yearbookforever) to see posts and retweets from schools celebrating their distribution days. Send us your distribution day pics! You can message us on Facebook,…

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Distribution fun
April 5, 2016 / Staff Management

All the hard work that your yearbook staff has put into this year’s book – now comes the fun part. For schools that receive their yearbooks in the spring, it’s only a few weeks away from those boxes of 2016 yearbooks being delivered to school. That means your distribution day event needs to be planned…

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Student leaders

Great yearbooks start with invested students. Students who desire to put out a great product need to be inspired to do so, and that inspiration should come from the students who are leading the staff. Give those leaders great training and put them in charge. After all, it is their yearbook. To develop your editors…

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