And the winners of Walsworth’s 2018 Photo Contest are…

Walsworth's 2018 Photo Contest attracted nearly 4,000 entries from all over the country. The winners also came from every corner, from Massachusetts to California.

Photo by Willow Dodgson

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Spring 2016

Great yearbooks start with invested students. Students who desire to put out a great product need to be inspired to do so, and that inspiration should come from the students who are leading the staff. Give those leaders great training and put them in charge. After all, it is their yearbook. To develop your editors…

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March 24, 2016 / Ask Mike / Coverage / Spring 2016

Open up some random photo folders on your computers and look carefully at the pictures saved for your yearbook. Do you notice that many photos are of one person? This is particularly noticeable in certain sports such as golf, tennis and swimming. Having one person in a photograph is great. More than likely, this person…

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