Get students talking

Use these fun marketing items to tell students how awesome the yearbook is and get them excited about it!

Photo by Grace Wilson

Market to Students


Promote your student ad sales!

Baby Ads
Baby Ads Version 2
Personal Ads
Personal Ads Version 2
Senior Ads
Senior Ads Version 2
Senior Tribute Ads
Senior Tribute Ads Version 2

Promote and sell around the holidays – New versions for 2021!

Black Friday flier
Black Friday web banner
Black Friday Facebook header
Black Friday Twitter header
Cyber Monday flier
Cyber Monday web banner
Cyber Monday Facebook header
Cyber Monday Twitter header

Get more photos and cover more events with Yearbook Snap

Editable poster
Editable flier
Editable event card
Facebook header graphic
Twitter header graphic
Twitter graphic
Snapchat graphic
Social Media Square 1
Social Media Square 2


Customized marketing fliers

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Bring the excitement of augmented reality to your book with Yearbook AR

Read how some schools used Yearbook AR to enhance their yearbook.
Yearbook AR insert flier
Yearbook AR icon Place this icon alongside your Yearbook AR content so yearbook purchasers know which images to scan.


Selling to students posters

Create some buzz with guerrilla marketing

Hey You! notes
Candy bag tags
Door hanger
You’re in the yearbook notes
I’m so glad I didn’t buy a yearbook
Vending machine labels
Stair signs
Poster water fountain
Poster restroom stall
Parking tickets
Mirror sign
Mirror sign 2
Mirror sign 3
Mirror sign 4
You are in the yearbook flier
Twitter flier
Facebook flier
Fake note: You’re so cute
Fake note: Hey cutie
Fake note: Guess who likes you
Fake note: Be mine
Clock poster
Clock poster color
Order card: custom URL
Order card: Walsworth URL
Order card (Gotcha): custom URL
Order card (Gotcha): Walsworth URL
Order card (Oh snap!): custom URL
Order card (Oh snap!): Walsworth URL
Cyber Monday flier
Cyber Monday web banner
Cyber Monday Facebook header
Cyber Monday Twitter header

marketing to students locker stuffer

Watch and create videos

Sell at school

Work with clubs

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Clubs and Organizations information request form
Staff Member Business Card

Student survey

Create your social media accounts and strategy

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