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Make the yearbook connection with Latino parents

Written by Aimee Parsons

When selling yearbooks, it is critical to reach parents. While it can be difficult to get your marketing message to them, it is an even greater challenge to reach Latino parents. Even if they are occasionally in the school building, posters about yearbook sales may not speak to them, and the English-language flier that you created and sent home might not either.

Latino-marketing-postcardThere are ways to overcome the language and cultural barriers. Have Latino staff members write fliers, and ask them to enlist their parents’ help. The Spanish teacher, or another Latino parent, may be able to help craft a message also. You also can use the customized bilingual marketing pieces aimed at Latino parents that Walsworth provides. Walsworth’s team of professional designers have created customizable fliers, postcards, home-mailers, vertical vinyl banners, a web page and more, all ready for you to use.

First, list the ways that would be the most effective in reaching parents. For example, maybe a mailing would be the best way for parents to get a flier. If so, find out when report cards, parent newsletters and other school items will be sent home and ask if you can put yearbook information in there as well.  Pairing up with these other items will not only save you money, but also assure that the parents will see them.  If the school seems hesitant to let you include your information, offer to have your staff stuff the home mailings.

Maybe you know that a mailing would be good, but it needs to stand out from other school items so the message doesn’t get lost. A postcard would be a quick method for telling parents why and how to buy a yearbook.

All of the custom items feature your prices, contact information, school colors, pictures of your own students and your school logo if you want.  Note that the first hour of design time is free, but most items are created in less than an hour.

To see examples, visit the Marketing to Parents area on our Marketing Help Page. To order items, fill out the Customized Marketing Request Form located on our Marketing Help page.

If you need help with a Marketing to Latino Parents campaign, you can look through the Successful Yearbook Marketing and My Marketing Plan workbooks, also found at the Marketing Help page.

Latino parents cherish bonitos recuerdos (beautiful memories) of their children. A customized marketing piece will show them that you think it’s important, too.

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