Walsworth’s 2021 Photo Contest Starts Next Week

It's time to send in your best pictures for Walsworth's 2021 Photo Contest. You could be a big winner!

Photo by Landry Raymond

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July 9, 2020 / Coverage

Editor’s Note: The following is a sneak peek at a fall 2020 Idea File magazine feature. It was too good to make you wait until the fall, so we are sharing this now. See it and more great content in the fall issue. Planning your yearbook coverage is a whole new ball game this year.…

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High school journalists covering politics in the era of President Donald Trump face a daunting challenge. A polarized electorate makes it ever more difficult for any reporter to toe the line of objectivity. Scholastic journalists, particularly those working for yearbooks, face an even bigger hill to climb as they face possible pressures from sources, fellow…

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April 2, 2020 / Coverage / Staff Management

As the world faces an unprecedented situation, yearbook advisers and staffs are working to complete their books – a record of the year at their school. Walsworth Special Consultant Jim Jordan saw the work they’re doing, and was inspired to provide a platform for yearbookers to share the work they’re doing while COVID-19 affects our…

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March 27, 2020 / Coverage / Yearbook Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting nearly every facet of our lives. Yearbook is no exception, and many schools received the order to remain home just weeks or even days before their final deadline. Even the yearbook staffs not facing an immediate deadline are still struggling with how cancellations are affecting their coverage – everything from…

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February 13, 2020 / Copywriting / Coverage

Updated by Walsworth Yearbooks You’d be surprised how often it happens. You pick up a yearbook, see a cover design you really love, or flip through and eye a font you like, then flip to the back looking for the colophon to read the specs and… nothing. A number of yearbook staffs get overwhelmed with…

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