October 4, 2021 / Marketing

A Marketing Plan That’s One for the Books

Written by Paige Rome

We all know how important it is to get the right theme, have an amazing design and include incredible photos. However, it is just as important to market and sell your yearbook. A great yearbook, with each student in the yearbook multiple times, will make students feel included and help with your yearbook sales. To make sure every student in your school buys a yearbook, you’ll need to make your marketing effort one for the books.

Now, don’t worry – we aren’t saying you have to break the bank just to get the word out. There are a wide variety of free and low-cost marketing tactics you can use to promote your yearbook, and we have many resources to help you brainstorm and plan.

One of the first things you should consider is who you will assign the role of marketing manager to on your staff. This person oversees all marketing and yearbook/ad sales, using everything from posters to social media posts. While everyone else is focusing on creating the yearbook, the marketing manager will focus solely on getting the word out to your school community.

See our training tools for your marketing manager and all the marketing items available to you on our Marketing Your Book page at walsworthyearbooks.com/marketing. We’ve made it easy by categorizing our resources into Marketing to Students, Marketing to Parents, Marketing to Businesses and more. You’ll find helpful resources like business call scripts, student surveys, information on our Parent Email Program (PEP) and guerilla marketing tactics, just to name a few.

Where do I start?

Wondering where to start? Learn the basics of marketing and start creating your sales plans with ourEngage Your Audience and Sell More Yearbooks with Strategic Marketing” unit from our Yearbook Suite curriculum.

Check out how other schools engage students through social media, advertise all over the school and more in our Creative Ideas for Selling Your Yearbook eBook and Make the Sale webinar.

Listen and learn

Take a quick listen to some of Walsworth’s top marketers and hear their tips on how to promote your yearbook. Learn all about it in this episode Promote Yourself and Your Yearbook from the Yearbook Chat with Jim podcast.

Want a quick read? Our Five Simple Ideas to Create Digital Buzz for Your Book blog post will help kick start your digital marketing strategy and get your brain turning.

We can’t wait to hear how you’re making this year’s marketing one for the books! Share your ideas in the comments below or send an email to marketingyearbooks@walsworth.com. We would love to feature your school’s successes in another post.

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Paige Rome

Paige Rome is an Associate Copywriter for Walsworth. She loves writing in different voices and advocating for the Oxford comma. She has a habit for humor and enjoys getting to use it in her writing. Paige holds two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in Psychology and the other in Advertising, both from Kansas State University.