December 10, 2010 / Marketing

Online sales is the way to go for many yearbook staffs

Written by Aimee Parsons

More yearbook staffs are selling yearbooks and yearbook ads online, reaping the benefits of more sales and more time to work on creating their yearbook.

Among the benefits, online sales enables staffs to sell the yearbook to parents where they already go – online. Parents, grandparents, faculty and anyone else who wants to purchase a yearbook, yearbook options or an ad can go online anytime to order and pay. Buyers can pay online by credit card, which will open up sales to an audience the staff may not have reached before.

Online sales simplifies your job. The hassle of handling money in school is eliminated, and sales tracking reports simplify record keeping and yearbook distribution. Options purchased online are bundled together by buyer for easy distribution with the yearbook.

Online Sales imageWith Walsworth’s Online Sales, separate functionality exists for parents and others to purchase personal ads and for business owners to buy business ads. Users determine the design options, sales start and end dates, pricing and sizes for the ads.

Users also have the freedom to choose how parents and businesses submit ad information.  You can give them an online template to place their photos and text, let them submit a finished ad, or allow them to upload copy and photos. If you allow them to upload copy and photos, you can choose whether the staff or Walsworth will create the ads. Best of all, all yearbook ads are organized conveniently in one place.

While going online is a no-brainer, being online is not. Yearbook staffs still need to advertise that sales are online. There are several ways to do this, with the sales banner on the school’s website, emails, fliers or all-calls. Walsworth’s research shows that once parents know they can make their yearbook and ad purchases online, they are more likely to do so.

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Aimee Parsons