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June 22, 2009 / Photography

Motivating your yearbook photographers

Written by Bruce Konkle

Motivate your photographers by supplying them with the necessary tools to assist them in creating memorable visual images.

Motivational factors:

  • Using photo credits on spreads
  • Providing proper photo facilities/software
  • Providing necessary camera equipment
  • Providing photo credentials to events (if needed)
  • Setting reasonable deadlines
  • Giving photographers needed input on spread designs
  • Making sure photographers have total control of negative/photo files
  • Assigning an organized photo chief to coordinate staff’s photo needs
  • Making sure photographers have input at staff meetings.

What photographers should ask of staffers:

  • Fill out photo assignment sheets for all assignments
  • Do not handle negatives or alter established disk filing system
  • Handle finished prints properly
  • Crop photographs appropriately
  • Work with photographers when selecting photographs
  • Adequate film/equipment/hardware/software budget

What editors should ask of photographers:

  • Adherence to photography budgets
  • Proper use of photography facilities and equipment
  • Expectation for photographers to learn basic spread design concepts
  • Expectation for photographers to meet all reasonable deadlines
  • Appropriately filed negatives, prints and disks (if used)
  • Provide needed information for captions
  • Photographers should keep up on photography trends/technological advancements
  • Attendance at photo workshops, if possible

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Bruce Konkle

Dr. Bruce Konkle's previous work experience includes being a journalism teacher and publications adviser at Homestead High School in Fort Wayne, Ind. He is the former director of the South Carolina Scholastic Press Association and former director of the Carolina Journalism Institute.