November 25, 2006 / InDesign / Winter 2006

In Step with InDesign – Window Pane Image

Written by Marketing Staff

This effect involves placing a single image across multiple frames.

1. Draw an image window with the Rectangle tool. This serves as one “pane” of the window.

2. Draw additional windows, or, if you want all of your windows to be the same size, duplicate the window for as many panes as you wish to have. You can do this by copying and pasting, selecting Edit >Duplicate, or holding down the Alt or Option key as you click and drag the object.

3. Select all of the panes by holding down the Shift key as you click the panes.

4. Select Object > Compound Paths > Make. (Walsworth customers should click on the resulting image window to select it, then click Image Tag to tag the window.)

5. With the image window selected, go to File > Place and place an image in the window. Walsworth customers may choose to use Image Placer to place their image.

The image will show up in the frames. You can then apply a drop shadow, feathering, or any other InDesign effect to the image. The effect will show on all of the frames.


01 draw your image windows


02 make a compound path


03 place your image in the compound path

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