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Ideas for boosting yearbook sales

Written by Marketing Staff

Walsworth’s “It’s Worth It” campaign is all about spreading the word on the essential value the yearbook will have for years to come, and motivating yearbook staffs into improving their book, ad and option sales.

As a way to lend a helping hand to the yearbook staffs competing in the “It’s Worth It” contest, every so often throughout the year we’ll post some tips and ideas on how to potentially increase sales.

Here’s the first batch of ideas. And remember to check back for more updates!

Take advantage of opening night
At most schools, there is an annual “Open House” or “Back to School” night early in the year, and the night presents a wonderful opportunity to sell yearbooks. Think about it – this may be your only chance to have that much face-time with parents to explain exactly what the yearbook is all about and why it would make a valuable purchase for them.

Go after the big fish
Every school is filled with large groups and organizations. Frequently, those groups have organized parent booster clubs, like the band. Make a specific sales pitch to those parent clubs.

Juniors vs. seniors
Take advantage of the loyalty students have for their own class by turning yearbook buying into a contest. The grade that buys the most yearbooks wins a signing party at the end of the year.

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