Instead of This, TRY THIS – Planning Your 2021 Coverage

Planning your yearbook coverage is a whole new ball game this year. Previous years may have allowed you to take last year’s ladder and tweak it for the upcoming year, but some schools are completely reimagining their coverage approach. That may sound scary, but it’s actually a great thing!

Kayanna Pham

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Idea File Magazine

Every year, the process of creating the yearbook for the next year begins. So much time and effort go into the planning, organizing, collaborating, writing, shooting, designing – the creation – that it’s valuable to step back and discuss just whose book is it you are creating. How you view your audience and the ownership…

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High school journalists covering politics in the era of President Donald Trump face a daunting challenge. A polarized electorate makes it ever more difficult for any reporter to toe the line of objectivity. Scholastic journalists, particularly those working for yearbooks, face an even bigger hill to climb as they face possible pressures from sources, fellow…

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In case you were needing some good news, the spring 2020 issue of Idea File magazine is now out! This issue is full of great content that will motivate you as you finish this year or inspire you for next year. Head over to to see a digital edition of the magazine, read articles…

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November 21, 2019 / Design / Fab Factor / Fall 2019

With your theme decided, it’s time to think about options that will make your book shine. From laser cut covers or endsheets to adding a gatefold inside, your options are virtually endless. Here are a few ways schools added a fab factor to their 2019 yearbooks. Now it’s your turn; let your imagination run wild!…

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November 19, 2019 / Ask Mike / Fall 2019 / Theme

You have a theme. You have even created or are working on a cover. You might have worked on theme-related pages that are traditionally found in every yearbook, such as the endsheets, title page, opening, closing and division spreads. Now it’s time to do the storytelling, right? But wait. What about the theme? What about…

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