September 18, 2017 / Photography

What makes a great yearbook photo?

Written by Shiloh Scott

It started with an idea – we wanted to show off some of the great photos Walsworth Yearbooks received from our annual Photo Contest the past couple of years. We also know it’s not always clear why we think a photo is great.

That’s how the eBook 100+ Great Yearbook Photos that Caught Our Eye and Why was born. We included photos that have placed high in contests, as well as photos that we simply couldn’t get out of our heads.

We always knew we wanted to include 100 photos, but we actually went a little over. However, there were many, many more we could have included.

The photos being taken by today’s student photographers are truly amazing. It’s astonishing how many incredible images we’ve seen just in the last two years. The creativity and technical skill are truly impressive.

The eBook is divided into sections: academics, clubs and organizations, feature or portrait, junior high or middle school, school spirit, sports action and reaction and student life. It includes the judging criteria Walsworth uses for our photography contest. We’ve also added a list of photography terms.

In short, this eBook is full of useful information. However, it’s really meant to just be enjoyed. Take your time looking through this. These amazing images, from students all over the country, are worth examining.

You can download your copy here.

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Shiloh Scott

Shiloh Scott was the Digital Marketing Manager for Walsworth. They enjoy working in a variety of mediums, from print to broadcast to social media. Shiloh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri.