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July 6, 2022 / Yearbook Tips

Using Google Calendar to Schedule Photo Assignments

Written by Danielle Finch

One of the most important components of running a yearbook program is attending and photographing events. Using Google Calendar for event scheduling is a free and effective way to ensure coverage. Here is one way to use Google Calendars for scheduling photo assignments.

Establish Google Account Permissions 

If you are a Google Suite school, talk with your administration and IT department about creating an account exclusively for your publication. Staff can schedule events, utilize Google Drive file sharing and send out email correspondence. This can be where all your yearbook correspondence filters through so your primary school inbox isn’t flooded with emails. This allows your staff to build real-world skills in checking emails and managing a shared account. If you are unable to have a school-sanctioned account created, it’s fine to use your own profile. Ensure students are not the administrators to the account in the event they move, drop the class or graduate.

Event Scheduling

A screenshot of a weekly view for Google Calendar. Once you establish your account for the Google Suite, decide how often you want to update the calendar. The best place to start is your school’s sports calendar or reach out to the coaches and sponsors. Most games and events are scheduled out weeks at a time, which gives you or your editors time to update. Filling out your calendar a week in advance is a great assignment for your editors. This includes events such as pep assemblies, club meetings, social gatherings and other student-centered activities that need coverage. This can also be a place where profile interviews are scheduled as well as work nights or important deadlines.

Adding Events to your Calendar

A detailed description of an event on Google Calendar. Begin the process of adding your events. It’s best to do this prior to the beginning of class so you can have it on the projector/screen and ready to view. This is a great way to start the beginning of the week. Students should expect to come in, get settled and look at the calendar. You can color-code your events by category.



Scheduling Photographers

A screenshot of an event detail on Google Calendar. You or your editors should run the photo assignment meeting each week. Your staff can choose the events they can attend and schedule their assignments during the meeting so everyone can see who is assigned to each event for the week. You can do this by selecting the event, editing the location and adding guests. Guests will get an invite in their email to add to their own calendar.



What are some ways your staff uses Google Calendar for project management and event coverage?

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