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Sharing the Love: Distribution for Summer/Fall Deliveries

Written by Danielle Finch

Yearbook distribution is an exciting but busy time that requires careful planning. In our video training series, “Distribution Day: Plan to Get Your Book to Your Audience”, we break down the process of distribution day between spring and summer/fall delivery. Karen Johnson, MJE, yearbook adviser from Lawson High School in Missouri, shares her methods for effectively distributing their yearbooks to 50% of their student body. 

Getting Books to Students

One of the most important parts of the yearbook process is distributing the finished books to students. At Lawson High School, Karen Johnson, MJE,  handles distribution by holding an event called Cardinal Flight Night in early August. This allows her staff to hand out around 200 books, reaching 50% of the student population. Scheduling this event when students are picking up their class schedules draws a crowd and makes distribution easy without interrupting classes.

Organizing for Success

To ensure a smooth process, Johnson and her staff take time in early August to sort books alphabetically. She has students help with the physical sorting, giving them a sneak peek at the finished product. Karen also creates customized receipt sheets for each student to sign, making tracking who picked up books simple. Proper planning and organization are key to efficient distribution.

Promoting the Big Day

Leading up to the distribution event, Johnson and her staff promote the date through emails and social media all spring while selling books. This lets students and parents know when to expect their copy. Signs are also placed around the school with QR codes linking to the yearbook website for easy access to purchasing information. Advanced promotion is important for a successful turnout.

Handling Distribution Day  

On the big day, Karen has students stand in alphabetical order by last name near boxes of books. This keeps the line flowing smoothly while allowing flexibility if someone can’t find their box. Johnson and her team are also prepared with necessary supplies on a cart in case issues arise. Having a well-thought-out plan and properly trained student workers makes distribution run smoothly.

Aftermath and Celebration

While small issues may come up, Johnson advises focusing on the joy students feel seeing the finished product rather than complaints. It’s important to coach students on gracefully accepting any criticism as well. Take time to unwind and appreciate all the hard work after books are in students’ hands before worrying about minor problems. The finished product is worth celebrating! 

With planning and organization, your yearbook distribution day is sure to be a success enjoyed by your students and simplified for your building. Learn more about how to plan and effectively implement your fall distribution day in our training video series, “Distribution Day: Plan to Get Your Book to Your Audience”

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