June 16, 2009 / Copywriting


Written by Marketing Staff

Rewriting is the secret to good writing. Embrace it, and you will produce final drafts of interest. Reject it, and you will limit your writing to mediocrity.

When rewriting, read the story aloud so you can hear the tone and inflection of your work. Awkward working usually screams at you during this recital. It’s also good to have a friend read your story. Don’t hesitate to obtain objective opinions.

Reduce and combine sentences to make your feature concise and tight. Use a Thesaurus to help you choose the most precise words to relive the particular event. Never use long words when short ones will do, and cut dead weight; every word should serve a purpose.

Needless words, sentences and paragraphs cheat the reader, and fancy words only mask the story’s meaning, making it confusing to the average reader. Remember – you are writing to express, not to impress.

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