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Powder Puff Football

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Avella High School
Avella, Pa.
Lesa Scammell, adviser

Since the yearbook always requires such a large amount of money every year, it has become necessary to do several large fund-raisers that bring in a great deal of money in one day, even though it takes a month or more to plan and implement. This is the 10th year for the Avella yearbook staff to sponsor the Powder Puff Football Games.

The Games
Avella has a student population of about 375 in grades 7-12. Three games of flag football are played between five teams. Game 1 is between the sophomores and juniors; game 2 is the freshmen and the Core Team (7 and 8 combined); and game 3 is the championship game between the winners of Game 1 and the seniors, who get the bye.

“I always schedule this event in the fall, but always after class pictures and homecoming, just in case of injuries,” Scammell said.

The Fees and Profit
The staff charges each player $15, which covers their playing fee and the cost of their T-shirt (each team picks their own color).  Each coach, chosen from the males in the class, also pays $15. This usually nets about $700 profit. Admission to the game is $5 per person. That, too, is profit. Net profit ranges from $1,200 to $1,800 for one day’s work, depending on the weather.

“Last year, the students also wanted sweat pants and hoodies, and we made a small profit on those as well,” she said. “We charged $25 for a hoodie and $15 for the pants, and both of these were in the ash gray color so that they were neutral, and easier on our printer.

“The kids start talking about Powder Puff the first day of school each year!” Scammell said.

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