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April 5, 2016 / Staff Management

Planning will make distribution day go smoother

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

All the hard work that your yearbook staff has put into this year’s book – now comes the fun part.

For schools that receive their yearbooks in the spring, it’s only a few weeks away from those boxes of 2016 yearbooks being delivered to school. That means your distribution day event needs to be planned out.

There are several things to keep track of when getting your distribution day organized. That’s why Walsworth Yearbooks wrote our Distribution Primer, which includes a handy event checklist that you can print and check off the week of your distribution day.

But the Primer isn’t all…

  • This classic article from Idea File magazine, written by award-winning adviser Susan Massy from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, covers a lot of important details for making your distribution day smoother.
  • Many schools make sure that distribution day is a party and a “big event” that draws a crowd. There are various ways you can promote the day with a signing party, and this post provides some examples of how schools have done it.
Evan Blackwell, CJE
Evan Blackwell, CJE

Evan Blackwell, CJE, is a Marketing Automation Specialist for Walsworth. He's been a writer, editor and web content specialist for Walsworth Yearbooks for the past 14 years, and is the author of the Yearbook Suite's "The Art of the Interview" unit. Prior to joining Walsworth, Blackwell spent five years as an award-winning newspaper and magazine journalist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Kansas.