September 2, 2003 / Fall 2003

Phone Your CSR

Written by Marketing Staff

Call your customer service representative for questions and problems concerning your yearbook. Your CSR is a valuable resource who knows where to go for the answers to your questions. CSRs are located in the pre-press plant, with access to your yearbook during the production process.

We asked the CSRs for information that would help you early in the year, and page submission was uppermost in their minds. Here are tips they provided for smooth submissions, not just the first deadline, but all page submission deadlines.

1. You should focus on planning and building a ladder before submitting pages to avoid renumbering problems

2. You need to have a page envelope for each page you are submitting. It is not enough to have it on the disk. Without a page envelope, the page will not be counted as submitted.

3. Check to ensure you are submitting your first shipment of pages correctly. Make sure you have filled out the page envelope, marked the 75 percent mockup with the color information, saved the page files to a zip disk, and included a copy shipment record form in the shipment box before you submit the pages.

4. To prevent missing links, remember to save the graphics in jpg, tiff or eps format.

5. Carefully check each updated copy of the Customer Specification form for requested changes, such as increases or decreases in copies ordered or your Year in Review order. If the forms are not correct, please contact your customer service representative immediately.

6. You will be notified of missing items. Please pay special attention to the instructions provided as to where and how you should submit the missing item. This will help you avoid extra charges.

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Marketing Staff

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