July 20, 2009 / Fundraising

Mr. Avella

Written by Marketing Staff

Avella High School
Avella, Pa.
Lesa Scammell, adviser

Since the yearbook always requires so large amount of money every year, it has become necessary to do several large fund-raisers that bring in a great deal of money in one day, even though it takes a month or more to plan and implement. This is just one of the fund-raisers the Avella yearbook staff conducts each year.

The Selection Process
Avella has a student population of about 375 in grades 7-12, with graduating classes of about 60. For the annual spring show, each class nominates five boys. The boy with the most votes in each class can choose to participate or decline. If they decline, the boy with the second most votes is asked whether he wants to participate, until each class has a representative.

The Show
The show includes a group dance by all the boys, an “interests” segment, class skit, swimsuit competition (with restrictions, such as no Speedos and they have to wear an athletic T), and a tuxedo segment, in which a local company brings in tuxes for free advertising. The winner receives a $100 mall certificate and runners-up get $50 and $25 certificates.

The Profit
The boys are not charged to participate. The admission charge brings in around $1,200.

“All in all, it takes a great deal of work and planning, but for us, it is worth it in the long run.  We are a small rural school, and there isn’t always that much for the kids to do outside of school.  These are both things that the entire community looks forward to,” Scammell said.

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