August 30, 2018 / Podcasts

Lori Oglesbee discusses yearbooks, writing and a failed dance team audition

Written by Shiloh Scott

This week on the Yearbook Chat with Jim podcast, host Jim Jordan talks to Lori Oglesbee.

Recently retired from 34 years as a teacher and yearbook adviser, Oglesbee established herself as a powerhouse “triple-threat” journalism instructor. She is a master at teaching writing, photography and design, and shares her thoughts and methods with listeners.

She has a deep love of writing, and peppers their conversation with phrases like, “I’m always picking on little, ol’ adverbs.” Oglesbee is a master storyteller, and whether talking about her college experience, writing or her garden, it’s easy to get lost in her southern accent.

Oglesbee and Jordan’s conversation meanders from life, to career, to her 2009 JEA Adviser of the Year award, to how a clumsy dance partner landed her in yearbook and the emotional impact an elderly man’s search for his lost yearbook had on her life.

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