Fill That Cart: 10 Must-Haves for the Yearbook Classroom

Written by Danielle Finch

Before the school year starts, considering school supplies is a must. Planning for activities, events and other miscellaneous needs for your staff is a great place to begin when stepping back into your classroom. Here is a list of some supplies to consider ordering before the first day.

A view of anchor part paper

  1. Anchor Charts: Having visual representations of classroom rules, style guide snippets and other important resources is a great teaching tool. You can also use anchor chart paper for mini-lessons related to captions, copywriting, interviews and more. It’s nice to have anchor chart paper with adhesive on the back, but you can see some savings in ordering paper without it. Your admin will love to see what your staff is learning when they come in for observations.




A photo of white boards stacked on top of each other with expo markers lying on top. To the side of it there are erasers and additional expo markers stacked on top of one another. 2. Expo markers / White Boards: This is a must-have for any journalism staff. Using mini whiteboards can be used for team building, games and any other hands-on activity you need for lessons. These can also be used for notetaking when students are sitting in on planning meetings. Sometimes it’s easier to buy them in a set so students aren’t using your personal expo markers.



a photo of three lanyards in a row. One is blue, one is orange and the other is green. They say "Press Pass" and the title

3. Lanyards/press pass materials: Many school administrators appreciate when your students wear something to identify them as a journalist on a mission. You can purchase professional lanyards for your staff to use when conducting interviews, taking photos and doing yearbook business on our Advisers Market. Your principal will thank you.



A box of multicolored highlighters.

4. Highlighters/Pens: These are a given. Students love a good set of multi-colored highlighter sets and pens just for your staff. Try to find a bulk set wherever you shop. They also make great gifts for your editors.





a photo of multi-colored folders5. Folders: Consider each student having their own folder for their workstation. This folder can house their style guide, any cheat sheets or assignments they need to complete for the week. You can also allow them to decorate it so that it has some flair. Before you order, ask your building if anyone is getting rid of any folders. That way you won’t have to make more orders than you need




a photo of a bound stack of grid paper.6. Grid Paper: Before you run to the nearest geometry teacher, have a stockpile of grid paper for your yearbook class. Use this for spread mockups and other design rough drafts you may ask your students to draft. This is way to get your staffs thinking about design.





stack of black foam poster board


7. Poster Supplies: Throughout the year, you are bound to have sales tables, marketing campaigns and other events that may require posters. Be sure that you’re not scrambling to find those things when you need them. Order some sturdy foam poster boards that can be re-used in the future.



One black t-shirt and one white t-shirt. The white shirt says I love Yearbooks on the back and the black one says "Be the storyteller"


8. T-Shirts: One of the many perks of being on a yearbook staff is the swag. Be thinking about the t-shirt company you want to work with to make this happen. Advisers Market has yearbook shirt options that are great to pass out the first week of school. You can also reach out to your athletic/activities director to see if they use a t-shirt printer for the school district. You never know what kind of deals you can get from community printers.


A photo of a 24 pack of multi-colored Post Its.

9. Sticky Notes: Who doesn’t love a good sticky note? Get one pad per student so they can always have one ready at their workstation. These are also a great tool for positive messages.




a photo of a 200 pc carnival prize set.

10. Party Supplies / Gift Bags: Whether it’s a holiday party or a birthday celebration, having some party supplies on hand is something great to keep on hand. Think about plastic cutlery, plates, streamers or a bag of fun carnival prizes. Stickers and buttons can be bought in bulk to keep in a box in your desk. Your future self will thank you.





Before you begin adding to your cart, be sure to talk with your front office staff about reimbursement. This set of supplies also can be provided by your supportive yearbook parents. Many advisers create an Amazon Wish List and will share their needs on social media. What are some items you think are must-haves before the first day? Comment below!

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Danielle Finch

Danielle Finch is a former journalism adviser at Smithville High School and now works as a Digital Marketing Specialist for Walsworth. Danielle's passions lie in writing, managing web content and representing the needs of advisers.