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Do you want to jazz up your design with showstopping spreads? Does your photography need some focus? Maybe you want to capture the spirit and zest of your school better in your writing. You might even entertain the notion that your book could be a national award winner. Whatever you goal, Walsworth can get you there. We’ve created the Level Up contest to help.

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August 11, 2015 / Coverage / Design / Theme

Yearbook staffs are always looking for some inspiration or a little boost of creativity for their theme, cover, coverage and layouts. The Design Showcase area here at walsworthyearbooks.com is home to four galleries, which display images of some of the finest work done each year by Walsworth Yearbooks schools. Each gallery contains its own Search…

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July 22, 2015 / Theme

Summer workshops are when most yearbook staffs develop the themes of the upcoming year’s book. But the process of coming up with that concept that creatively ties the book together and makes all the editors, staffers and adviser happy with isn’t an easy process. Fortunately, we’re here to help in the Yearbooks Blog! We’ve been…

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September 28, 2011 / Fall 2011 / Theme

In their quest to keep their yearbook relevant, this award-winning, veteran adviser’s staff has abandoned strongly held theme development principles to make an emotional connection with their readers.

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August 5, 2010 / Theme

With the last deadline met and yearbooks not set to ship for another two months, it was time for the staff to think of next year’s theme. But we were not going to simply brainstorm it as a class; each of them was to develop a theme and sell it to the rest of us. That’s where this theme project came in…

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March 12, 2010 / Staff Management / Theme

As the school year and the work on this year’s yearbook is winding down, advisers can already start their preparations for next year. One great way to get ready for next year is by attending a yearbook workshop. You can see all of Walsworth’s workshop options in our updated Workshop Central section, with listings broken down by month.

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