September 1, 2009 / It's Worth It

Adding a personal touch will help yearbook sales

Written by Marketing Staff

Walsworth’s “It’s Worth It” contest is in full swing. Schools have already begun entering to win the three $1,000 prizes.

Tips for improving your sales will be available all year on Here’s a few more gems:

The personal touch

Your yearbook keeps an index of which students appear in the book, and on what page, right? Use this information to create some buzz by sending out personalized postcards that let the student know they’ll be in the yearbook. “Hey Elizabeth, did you know you are on page 38 of the yearbook? Buy yours now at….” This same idea can be done by simply handing out personalized fliers to the students at school with the same information.

Class in session

Your school probably has a Marketing class, and they might make perfect candidates to sell the book. Essentially, you out-source the job and get back to work on creating your masterpiece. The young entrepreneurs get a fun project to work on.

Ready, set, hike!

At most schools, football is a popular sport and the games are well-attended events. Use that to your advantage. Put up an advertising banner, set up a sales booth, or hand out coupons at home games. You can also advertise in the game programs.

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