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11 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Written by Jenica Hallman, CJE

Today marks National Teacher Day, and next week is Teacher Appreciation Week, a week to celebrate teachers who make a difference and show our appreciation. We hope you will join us by sharing pictures on social media and tagging us with how you are honoring the teachers at your school using the hashtags #Walsworth and #ThankATeacher

If you’re looking for something special to do for your favorite teacher, here are a few ideas of special things you could do next week:

  1. Write a handwritten note – This one is meaningful and inexpensive. Tell your teacher why you appreciate them. We promise it will make them feel good. Whether you buy a card, make a card or leave them a sticky note, your words matter to them. 
  2. Give a gift card – You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but gift cards to places they enjoy show them you are thinking about them. Starbucks, Chipotle, a local favorite or an Amazon gift card are great options that are usually easy to get. If money is an issue, consider going in on a gift card with some of your friends to split the cost.
  3. Fulfill their Amazon wish list – Speaking of Amazon, some teachers may have a wish list on Amazon for their classroom. See if there is anything you could do to add to the classroom or refill supplies that are running low. 
  4. Share a playlist – Choose some songs that make you think of them. It might be VERY loosely related to the subject they teach, songs that you listen to while studying or working on homework or something about their personality or a personal memory.
  5. Write a note to your principal about your teacher – No one wants to be called to the principal’s office, or do they? Tell your principal why your teacher is good at what they do. Teachers are often more likely to hear about when someone is unhappy with them, so it’s nice to tell their boss hear positive things about them. It’s good for their mood and their job. 
  6. Bring snacks – It’s a proven fact (probably) that you learn better with snacks. Bring snacks for the class to share. You can bring healthy snacks or junk food and even go in with your classmates if you want to make it more affordable. Try to be sensitive to dietary restrictions, like gluten, dairy, peanuts sensitivities/allergies and vegan options. 
  7. Post a photo of you together – It’s nice for teachers to see themselves on your social media profiles, a place often dominated by friends without as many adults. Share a favorite memory to go with it.
  8. Make a sign/poster – Imagine your teacher’s face when they come into their classroom decorated with signs and posters handmade by their students. Check with clubs and organizations that frequently make posters at your school to see if they have any leftover supplies you can use. 
  9. Nominate Them for Recognition – Plenty of organizations want to recognize great teachers. Look up if there are awards in your district that you can nominate your favorite teacher for or businesses who highlight great teachers. Your school administration can help you know where to start. 
  10. Ask Advertisers to Donate Gift Certificates – Your yearbook advertisers already invest in your school and community and have relationships with you through yearbook ads. See if they will donate a gift certificate to their business for your teacher. Be respectful if you ask and let them know this is completely voluntary, but some local restaurants or shops might be willing do something special. Maybe a florist will donate a small bouquet of flowers, a local bakery will provide a dessert of choice or a favorite summertime hangout will provide a free ticket. You could even reach out to bigger chains or organizations – you never know what they might offer. Free sporting tickets? Don’t be afraid to ask. 
  11. Use Your Artistic Talents – The best ways to show your appreciation are the things most personal to you. If you’re an artist, create something for them, whether that be a small painting, music, a design, a poem, etc. Show them what you’ve learned in their class or express yourself in the way you communicate best. 

However you celebrate, we want to hear about it. Use the hashtags #Walsworth and #ThankATeacher to tell us what you are doing. We will share some of those on our own pages! And many businesses celebrate too, so make sure your teacher knows where they can get the best deals. We Are Teachers compiled a few here, but there may be more in your area. 


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Jenica Hallman, CJE

Jenica Hallman, CJE, is a Copywriter for Walsworth Yearbooks. Yearbooks got into her blood in high school, and she has been pursuing them ever since. She has worked in various capacities as a high school and college yearbook editor, an adviser, sales representative, plant customer service representative and now in marketing, her favorite role to date. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mass media communications from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.