Get your yearbook act together!

Walsworth's Jim Jordan and Mike Taylor, CJE,
plus a few special guests, will help your yearbook staff gear up for a unique and historic year.

Yearbook Boot Camp Videos

Are you ready for Yearbook Boot Camp?

Walsworth’s Jim Jordan and Mike Taylor, CJE, plus their slate of special guests, will be helping you gear up for the upcoming year.

Watch the videos below!

Yearbook Basic Training

Day one of Yearbook Boot Camp

In the first day of Yearbook Boot Camp, Mike Taylor, CJE, and Jim Jordan covered the basic of creating an incredible yearbook in an unusual year. From the benefits of of umbrella versus chronological coverage, to ways to sell your yearbook when you can’t meet with customers face-to-face, this session is a key way to get your 2021 yearbook off to a great start!

Basic Photo Training for Your New Staff

Day two of Yearbook Boot Camp

Learn about yearbook photography! Professional photographer Mitchell Franz shares his vast knowledge. He explained how to train your new staff and the community members you’ll be leaning on for yearbook photos in this unusual year.

Design Basics

Day three of Yearbook Boot Camp

NSPA’s Gary Lundgren demonstrated the basic procedures needed to accomplish strong design, as well as new and exciting designs.


Day four of Yearbook Boot Camp
Sabrina Schmitz, CJE, walked attendees through interviewing. She explained how a good interview is the foundation of a good story, then shared tips for successful interviewing skills.


Day five of Yearbook Boot Camp
Renee Burke from Florida shared ways advisers and editors can be strong leaders, even if they’re working remotely.