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Walsworth’s Enhancements make life easier for InDesign users

Written by Marketing Staff

While publishing the yearbook using online tools may have become a trend over the past few years, many schools still consider themselves purists for desktop publishing programs like Adobe InDesign.

Which is precisely why Walsworth has remained dedicated to updating its Enhancements, software plug-ins that work with InDesign to make yearbook-specific tasks easier.ID-Enhance2

“Walsworth’s InDesign Enhancements support and foster learning and simplify the program,” said John Elledge, yearbook adviser at Wilkes Central High School in Wilkesboro, N.C. “It allows students to use complex, advanced operations that are used in the publishing industry.”

Walsworth’s InDesign Enhancements cover a variety of yearbook areas:

Color Information – The Color Information plug-in electronically marks your pages with information on what color(s) you will be using on the page. That information then tells Walsworth how to print your pages: in color or black and white, and with Formula Colors or UV coating.

Control Center – The Control Center is the hub that houses many of the Enhancements in one panel at the click of a button when you open an InDesign page.

Designer Series – The Designer Series collection are pre-designed layouts that can be used in the yearbook as-is, or can be modified to fit your needs.

Express Libraries – The Express Libraries are a smaller version of the Designer Series. Instead of complete layouts, you can use portions, such as headline treatments, scoreboards or photo groupings.

File Builder – This plug-in takes a multiple-page file and breaks it into double-page spreads or sections.

Good To Go – The Good to Go plug-in is used during the submission process to check your pages for document, font, placed image and color usage issues. It then runs a report, and helps you correct any issues it finds.

Image Placer The Image Placer works with InDesign to quickly and easily format digital images and place them on the page. More extensive effects and adjustments can be made in Photoshop, but the Image Placer can be used to set the proper resolution, colorspace and file format on many of your photos.

Image Tag – The Image Tag plug-in allows you to number your image windows and easily match up hard-copy photos with the image windows.

Index – Walsworth’s Index plug-in guides you step-by-step through the indexing process, from loading a reference list of names all the way to creating your index text and placing it on the page.

“In the past, we just used InDesign’s index function, which means we had been highlighting each name, and adding it to the index manually, using a series of keystrokes. This year, we just got a complete list of students from our registrar and used that as our master list for the Walsworth Enhancement,” said Susan Fergueson, yearbook adviser at Mount Si High School in Snoqualmie, Wash. “It was so simple to just let the plug-in do its work, and it even alerted us when we were making spelling errors on student names.”

Memo – Memo lets you place non-printing notes on a page, which will travel with the document from user to user to pass along information and direction.

Mirror – With the Mirror plug-in, you can flip a layout horizontally, vertically or both to further extend your layout options. Yearbook staffs will often use Mirror to double the efforts of a single design, without looking monotonous throughout the book.

Panel Maker – The Panel Maker lets you create your panel and mug pages with several design options, including number of rows and columns and photo shape and size.

“(Panel Maker) is so simple to use, and allows us to explore multiple layout options with almost no effort,” said Fergueson. “I cannot imagine what it would be like to create panel pages without it – it would be incredibly time-consuming and tedious, I’m sure.”

The versatility that InDesign, working in conjunction with the Enhancements, continues to offer is an attractive option for many schools – one that Walsworth plans on fully supporting in every way.

“We really like it. The kids love it. It’s creative. You can do so many things with the plug-ins and InDesign,” said Rosa Perifimos, yearbook adviser at Carle Place High School in Carle Place, N.Y. “There are so many plug-ins from Walsworth that we’ve been really pleased.”

2 Responses to “Walsworth’s Enhancements make life easier for InDesign users”

December 10, 2010 at 9:21 am, Ashley DIMarino said:

How do I access panel maker once I have the file downloaded?


November 18, 2013 at 2:05 pm, Olivia said:

I am trying to do my panel flow, and when I’m under general information in the portrait flowing wizard, I click select pages but it won’t let me select anything. It doesn’t even show pages to select, it’s just blank. What do I do?


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