Keep the tradition of yearbook signing alive!

We know how important the tradition of yearbook signing is.

It’s that special time when you celebrate the end of another year and remind your friends how special they are to you – that you can’t wait to see them over the summer and at school next year.

COVID-19 doesn’t change that – we need to celebrate now more than ever, and we REALLY can’t wait to see our friends.

That why we’ve partnered with Kudoboard™ to make it possible. Now you can have a virtual yearbook signing.

Kudoboard lets you make online boards that your friends can sign with messages and photos, and you can stay 6 feet apart the whole time. Just text, email or share your link on social media with your friends. When you’re done, save your board as a hi-res JPEG you can keep digitally or print to place inside your yearbook. It’s as easy as that.

We know this doesn’t replace getting your friends to sign your yearbook in person, but until that happens, sign each others’ yearbooks virtually!

Ready to try it?

If you’re ready, go to and click “Create Kudoboard” to begin your board. Fill in your name as the recipient and enter your board name.

Choose a board option and enter the promo code Walsworth2020.

  • Mini Board: Free for up to 10 free posts/signatures
  • Premium Board: Get up to 100 posts/signatures at the discounted cost of $3.89 per board
  • Milestone Board: Get unlimited posts/signatures and a slideshow at the discounted cost of $9.99/board

Memories matter, so we’re doing everything we can to help you remember all the good that happened during the 2020 school year. If you haven’t purchased your 2020 yearbook yet, get your copy now at