Tracy Tuley


I'm Tracy Tuley, CJE

Kansas City Yearbook Representative

My Story

Yearbooks tell a story -- YOUR story, and the professional you partner with can make all the difference in how that story unfolds.

My personal commitment is to learn your story, identify your distinctive advantages and consistently do whatever it takes to help produce a quality, well-designed yearbook that delivers your unique message on time and within budget.

Walsworth's 83 years of experience, caring support staff and unmatched plant technology, in combination with my personal dedication, creative design talent, journalism training and commitment to quality, will foster teamwork and enable us to tell your unique story.

Get started with our Virtual Lesson Plans

Taught and compiled by Walsworth's own Blaze Hayes, each Mod in our new Virtual Lesson Plans contain an instructional video, a PowerPoint presentation, additional related resources, handouts for student activities, assessments and evaluations.

You can find the following Mods and more at

  • Mod 1: Getting Started and Building a Team
  • Mod 2: Coverage and the Ladder
  • Mod 3: Photography (four sections)
    • Storytelling Images, Part 1
    • Storytelling Images, Part 2
    • Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
    • Cellphone-ography

Blaze is an experienced instructor who keeps the instructional videos brief, entertaining and, most important, educational. We hope this new resource helps you as you make your way through the new yearbook experiences of the year. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Register for Ad Sales webinar with Jeb Blount

Join us as motivational speaker Jeb Blount shares his personal story of how selling yearbook ads for his own high school ignited his passion for selling, inspired his own sales career and set him on the path to being one of the foremost thought leaders in the sales world today. Students will be inspired to hear his story and know what is possible!

Click here to register for Thursday, Oct. 15, at 1:30 p.m., Central. 

Yearbook Snap makes crowdsourcing a breeze

Yearbook Snap, Walsworth’s mobile app, makes your crowdsourcing efforts easier than ever. It is the free app for our web-based Community Upload.

Students, parents and others in your school community can take photos and quickly submit them during events, virtual learning, in school or anywhere students happen to be.

Read more about it in this article in our Yearbooks Blog.



Everything you need for back to school in one place

Are you ready for the 2020-21 school year? Is your yearbook staff prepared to document this unprecedented year at your school?

In an unpredictable year, we want to make your life easier. Visit our back-to-school page, which includes numerous resources to help you plan your year all in one place. Take a look around and remember, we are always here to help.

What People Are Saying...

Tracy is such a joy to have visit my classroom and work with my students. When I tell them that Tracy is visiting they are simply ecstatic. One of Tracy’s particular strengths is her ability to gauge an adviser’s needs, abilities, and expectations and adjust her involvement as necessary. From speaking to her about interactions with other schools it’s clear that Tracy is willing to do what each school needs on a personalized level rather than simply going through the same motions for all the programs she works with.

- Anna Manning, Adviser, Spring Hill High School, Spring Hill, Kansas


Tracy has been a huge part of our team's success. She helped guide our designers to an Apple award-winning cover, and her support and communication have been exceptional. Our summer meetings with her help each new editor for that year prepare for what will be required of them. She is flexible with deadlines, allowing us to choose the dates that set us up for success and she challenges us to make something great.

- Bryant Scott, Editor-in-Chief, Missouri Western State University, St. Joseph, Missouri
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