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I'm Suzanne Young

Grand Rapids Yearbook Representative

My Philosophy

A yearbook takes people back to some of their favorite times. It is one of the most treasured memory books you keep. As a former high school teacher, I fully understand the importance and hard work that goes into putting a yearbook together.

I love working for Walsworth, a family-owned company for 80 plus years. My favorite part is helping advisers and students have a great experience while creating their yearbook! My project management skills and experience teaching will help guide you and your staff through the yearbook process, from covers and endsheets to deadlines and budget.

Your yearbook program will have my dedication and commitment; together we will produce the best yearbook possible and have fun while doing it!

See how Lowell High School used the Design Thinking Challenge with its yearbook!

The yearbook staff at Walsworth's Lowell High School is like most schools - they're trying to figure out how to get more students to buy the yearbook.

Check out this article, which explains how Lowell used the Design Thinking process with their 2019 book, in order to create a yearbook that represented the entire student body.

What is the Design Thinking process? Read along to find out! Maybe your yearbook staff can use it with your next book.

What People Are Saying...

I have been adviser for a long time now and understand the struggles very well. I also understand that this job is a heck of a lot harder when you don’t have quality, hard working, and caring people helping when the going gets tough. We are very lucky to say we have that with Suzanne.

I greatly appreciate the effort and care that Suzanne puts in to help us whenever asked or called. It is great that Suzanne tries to get in to see us, at least, monthly. Suzanne does a great job getting to know the students to help them as well as myself. She is always more than willing to come in to help with ads, design, cover work.

- John Feeley, Adviser, Rockford High School, Rockford, Michigan


Working with Suzanne has been amazing, she has been there through every step of the process. Her professionalism and follow through have been outstanding and I know that if I do have a problem, Suzanne will work until it is solved.

- Melissa Anderson, Adviser, Forest Hills Eastern High School, Ada, Michigan

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