Watch replays from the Virtual Show-Me Seminar

Experience the magic and family atmosphere of Walsworth's Virtual Show-Me Seminar with hosts Jim Jordan and Mike Taylor, CJE.

Show-Me Seminar Videos

Missed out on our live Virtual Show-Me Seminar?

No problem. You can still go on a week-long virtual tour of Walsworth Yearbooks with hosts Jim Jordan and Mike Taylor, CJE.

Watch the replays below!

Cover Art and Virtual Cover Sessions

Mike and Jim talked with the Walsworth artists that create covers for schools nationwide. They uncovered some important information about creating a beautiful and memorable cover.

Meet the People You Talk With Every Day

Mike and Jim spoke with the Customer Service Representatives and Computer Support professionals who help you in the yearbook creation process.

Discover the Magic of Printing

On day three, Mike and Jim chatted with Chad Tillery about the printing process and how the stories and designs are put to the page.

We've Got You (and your Book) Covered

We learned about covers and binding on day four! Find out more about the ways we can make your book look awesome, and why Walsworth-printed books last so long.

Walsworth Storytime

For the final day of our Show-Me Seminars, hosts Mike Taylor, CJE, and Jim Jordan sat down with President Don Walsworth and Jeff Bell, the vice president of sales. Watch the replay to hear the interesting story of how Walsworth was founded and came to be the company it is today.