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Northern Ohio Yearbook Representative

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A yearbook is one of the most treasured memory books you keep. It is a history book of a school year. Yearbooks are always the thing people go to when looking for images and information about a school community, and they will be there forever. Technology changes; Yearbooks are forever.

With a graphic design degree and a knack for marketing, I love helping schools create their yearbooks and get it in as many students hands as possible. My favorite part is helping advisers and students create a book that uniquely captures a school year. I work closely with yearbook staffs and advisers to make sure their individual budget and creative needs are met.

When you chose to work with Walsworth, you become family. Walsworth is the only family, American owned-yearbook company. With more than 80 years in the business! Together with their experience in printing and my 10 years’ experience in working with yearbook staffs we can help you create and sell a yearbook you can be proud of.

Worried about coverage this fall?

Walsworth is here to help!

Take some time to listen to what yearbook folks from around the country are thinking about, regarding their plans for yearbook coverage with the upcoming year.

Watch this recent session hosted by Walsworth consultant, and former award-winning adviser Jim Jordan, called Developing a New Coverage Mindset.

Did you attend Walsworth's recent Adviser Academy? Which included a roundtable discussion on coverage and how yearbooks might look this fall? It's not too late to sign up to catch the recordings.



Fonts are here!

Planning kits will be shipping to schools, starting in late July.

But in the meantime, here are the 2020-21 fonts for schools wanting to get a head start on the look of their book.



Check out the Design Showcase

Get inspired in Walsworth's Design Showcase!

  • The Cover Gallery has already been updated for 2020.


  • The Theme Gallery will be updated soon with new 2020 yearbooks!

Don't forget to use Yearbook Help

At Yearbook Help, you will find endless information about the yearbook process and technology.

There are also some great lessons on the journalism skills that students should learn under the Curriculum tab.

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What People Are Saying About Walsworth Yearbooks...

Everyone at Walsworth provided the utmost support during a year that was not only difficult for everyone due to COVID, but was insane for teachers as we took on more than our normal class load. Mine doubled this year, and I wouldn't have made it through without Sarah. She was helpful in so many ways. She kept me sane as I worked through this difficult year. Her unending support was so appreciated.

- Stephanie Tipple, Adviser, Lake High School, Uniontown, Ohio


I am immensely grateful to be working with Sarah specifically and Walsworth generally. You have all been really helpful and understanding through this really difficult stretch of time. The content provided really saved my butt! So thanks to Sarah and the whole Walsworth crew!

- Kris James, Adviser, Northwood High School, Northwood, Ohio


Walsworth has truly invested people working to cultivate an environment of excellence and community. They care, they’re hardworking and it shows.

- Ian Reidy, Adviser, Tarpon Springs High School
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