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I'm Risa Nitkin

Northeast/Hamden, CT
Yearbook Representative

My Story

“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” That’s when you have some idea of what it takes to be a yearbook adviser.

Preserving school memories has been an important part of my life. As a classroom teacher, creating memories inside and outside of the classroom came to fruition fully when I became a yearbook adviser. Since I walked in your shoes as a yearbook adviser, I now have the privilege of working with schools in the northeast enabling students to tell their stories and preserve them.

Walworth’s industry-leading online yearbook creation and state-of-the-art printing brings life to these memories. With my understanding of the inner workings of schools, I partner with them to make yearbook creation a fluid process. We create the theme, covers and templates, while inspiring and motivating the yearbook staff. Our marketing and budget plans get award-winning books into the hands of students on time at an affordable price.

From theme conception to book delivery, I pride myself in being on call and taking on some of the stress that comes with creating these wonderful books. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss your school’s yearbook program.

Want the best of both worlds? Yearbook Adviser to Yearbook Rep

See what more folks from Risa's area had to say...

“Actually, I am aghast at my own naivete. I assumed that I was receiving the best services offered by a yearbook specialist but now after working with Risa, I realized what a “good” representative actually does. The care and instruction given to me, and my staff are something that I never had before. I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

“With Risa, we have experienced less stress in meeting deadlines because of her excellent service. She provides a low-key, no pressure environment that is conducive to working with editors and undergraduates, I’m sure, in part, because as a former teacher, she knows how to relate to her student. She would make suggestions to the yearbook committee and partnered with the students to help them produce a book that they were proud of and could call their own. For both me and my staff of students, Risa was available 24/7 and promptly responded to us which is a valuable tool to a yearbook adviser.”

“I was a little hesitant initially to try a new company, but I am so glad I did. When Risa first presented us with the idea of changing companies, I was a little apprehensive about learning a new software program, but she demonstrated just how user-friendly it was without compromising sophisticated and creative templates. It’s allowed us to bring our yearbook up another level.”

What People are Saying about Walsworth...

The most valuable member of my yearbook team, in my opinion, is my yearbook representative, Risa Nitkin. Not only is she an extraordinary sales representative but she has become a friend. Risa’s experience as a yearbook adviser gives her an important perspective. She understands the demands, the stresses and the challenges of working within the school environment. She has been in my shoes, so she knows how to make things happen. She sees the pitfalls and she gives sound advice about how to handle difficulty decisions.  

- Marcia Brant, yearbook adviser, Arlington High School, Lagrangeville, NY


As a first-year adviser, I don’t know what I would have done without Risa. I often wondered if she ever slept because regardless of when I needed her, weekends, in the evenings, she made herself available to a ‘newbie’. She is full of energy and extremely knowledgeable, helpful and reassuring about the process. There is nothing like one-on-one attention and Risa’s availability and commitment to our book made me shine and my students so proud of the end-product.

- Sarah Whelan, former yearbook adviser, Hamden High School, Hamden, CT

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