2021 Adviser Academy Session Descriptions

From June 28-30, Walsworth Yearbooks will once again be hosting a Virtual Adviser Academy.

These three days of live, online training will give yearbook advisers the chance to get their 2022 books off to the right start!

2021 Session Descriptions

Session Descriptions

Learn more about the sessions that will be offered at the 2021 Virtual Adviser Academy.

New Adviser Topics

  • Staff organization, management and expectations
  • Yearbook Production and Basic Design Tips
  • Basic Design Step-by-Step
  • Coverage, Interviewing, Headlines and Captions
  • Theme
  • Resources and Grading
  • Business, Marketing, Law and Yearbook Street Smarts
  • Q&A session at the end, as time allows

Experienced Adviser Topics

No Mad Mommas
The angry phone calls and berating emails come with the job, right? Maybe not. Learn some tricks in this class to keep those mad mommas happy and to give them a publication they will love. From ways to protect yourself to ways to be proactive, this class will save you some stress. Leland Mallett, CJE

Adviser Survival Skills
Think of these as pro tips from a 20-plus-year adviser. From decorating your classroom to organizing your staff and even ways to remember to submit attendance, this class will leave you with resources to make the adviser job easier. Leland Mallett, CJE

Branding and Celebrating Your Program
The cheer squad won't celebrate your yearbook program. There won't be a pep rally to show off your team. It's all your job. Learn ways to get your school to know who you are and what you do. Leland Mallett, CJE

Protect Yourself
There are a lot of laws, regulations, procedures and requirements to produce a yearbook. Know what policies need to be in place to keep you out of trouble and in your job. Leland Mallett, CJE

Teach Them How to Develop the Theme to Strengthen the Book
Theme development should not end once the staff decides on a phrase and cover. Theme drives story, photography and design. This session will focus on the development process. Karla Sprague, CJE

Developing Leaders
Students who are chosen as editors will have many opportunities to lead a group through the process of creating a publication. This leadership will cross over to public speaking, debate, conflict resolution and many other traits. The session will focus on developing and watching strong leaders grow. Karla Sprague, CJE

SOS: Systems of Success, Part 1 and Part 2 
This session will examine specific Systems of Success for advisers – recruiting, finding inspiration, summer planning, ladder, getting better photos, staff organization, deepening your coverage, caption writing, storytelling, quality control, fun – that will ensure that your book will come out on time, and you'll love the process. Jim Jordan

10 Ways and More to Improve Your Design for 2022
Want the design of your 2022 book to be the best it’s ever been? Come learn the secrets of award-winning yearbooks from around the country. You will leave this session with a list that will help you propel that next book to a new level. Jim Jordan

10 Ways to Improve the Writing in Your Yearbook
Looking to improve the writing in your next book? This session will give practical tips for finding great stories, going deep (not wide), doing better interviews and revision that will make a big difference in improving how you tell the story of 2022 at your school. Jim Jordan

It’s a Mod, Mod World
Call them mods, side bars, secondary coverage, side salads or whatever you want. Expand the depth of your coverage with modular design. You will leave this session with many magnificent mod ideas. Jim Jordan

Design That Headline
Stop stuffing the same headline and subhead into that same horizontal box. Break free and design your headlines to have more visual interest for your reader. Jim Jordan

Why It Is So Important to Use Inspiration
Looking at and taking direction from professional designers and photographers is a solid way to incorporate smart and classy design elements. Mike will showcase work based on inspiration and explain how the staff used professional looks to create their publications. Mike Taylor, CJE

Why Should We Do Showstoppers?
Sometimes there is a need to tell a great story with quotes or unbelievably beautiful photos. Showstoppers will help you break up some of your templated designs, add some needed coverage and liven up the entire book. Mike Taylor, CJE

Creating and Building a Team, Part 1 and Part 2
This two-part session on coaching leadership and creating a strong team will help you understand how to work with the editorial team for your publication. Part one is based on editorial leadership training and setting up for a strong team. Part two will discuss the process as the year unfolds – helping the team make decisions, dealing with crises and setting policies for the leaders. Susan Massy

Coaching Writers, Part 1 and Part 2
Creating strategies for writing strong, interesting, fact-filled, emotional stories is an art. Coaching writers to do this from the get-go is a discipline. We will explore all facets of the writing process, and how leading the student journalists to doing it correctly will make your publication stronger. This session includes: Going Beyond the First Draft and Why Editing is Such a Hard Nut to Crack. Susan Massy

  • Going Beyond the First Draft
    Getting the writer to ask questions, listen to their story and actually fill in the holes left unsaid is another part of the writing process. The session will discuss ways that writing, peer editing and self-editing will capture the true essence of a strong story. Susan Massy
  • Why Editing is Such a Hard Nut to Crack
    Writers will sometimes… no, most times, simply go with their first draft – mistakes and all. Editing is a true craft. The session works with the ins and outs of editing; from punctuation, grammar and spelling to final draft. Susan Massy

Dawn of a New Marketing Age
Virtual school and hybrid learning taught us that digital marketing is more important than ever. Even though we are transitioning back into the classroom, we can’t rely on the same old in-school marketing strategies of the past. You’ll need hybrid marketing strategies to give your sales the boost they need. Learn tips and tricks from Walsworth’s marketing team that will add some sizzle to your sales. Aimee Parsons, Jenica Hallman, CJE, and Alec Aguirre

Grading the Yearbook Project
Grading can be one of the hardest parts of the job, but it's also the part that establishes norms, expectations, gives opportunity for feedback and improvement, and helps organize your classroom function. We'll provide you with a proven system that works for you and your students and that can be modified to fit each individual classroom. Karen Johnson, MJE, and Ronna Sparks-Woodward, MJE

Senior Tributes and Ads
Parents toil over photo albums and search back through their Facebook accounts to find that kindergarten graduation photo, the 3rd grade soccer picture and the perfect image to sum up those awkward years. Once they give them to you, you can't let them down. Let Kathy Beers show you how to make beautiful senior tributes from those family snapshots, increase senior ad sales and keep those families coming back year after year. Kathy Beers

Marketing on Social Media
We've all said it before: "If they don't buy a yearbook, it's their loss." But in reality, lower sales are a loss for everyone! With higher book sales, your staff can add more pages, make a fancier cover, upgrade equipment, pay for camps, and overall, just make a better book, which more customers will want to buy! It's a cycle that just needs a push to get rolling, then it can be a WIN for everyone! Join Kathy Beers as she shows you how some smart marketing can increase sales at YOUR school so you can work towards the dream yearbook you've always wanted. Kathy Beers

Basic Photo Skills for All Grade Levels
This session will cover basic camera functions, understanding photo composition and choosing the right photo. We will look at award-winning middle and high school photography for examples and inspiration. Andrew Young, CJE

Don't Count Middle Schoolers Out
Junior high/middle school yearbooks can be journalistic and stylish! A junior high adviser will help you enhance the staff management, design, coverage, and photography of your book to make them stand out nationally and prepare your students for high school journalism programs. Jason Davis, CJE

Teaching Theme Connectiveness to Middle School Students
Teaching middle school students the importance of theme to the story of the year is an essential skill. The session will break down everything from brainstorming to implementing strong, visual and verbal theme elements. Jason Davis, CJE

Yearbook Club – Creating a Yearbook as an After School Club
An after school or club yearbook has its own unique situations. The class instructors will work with advisers to develop and run after school programs. Lori Mortland, CJE, and Jim Straub

Technology Training

InDesign/Photoshop training from beginner to advanced
Sometimes learning and using yearbook technology is one of the most feared aspects for an adviser. We can help you with that, touching on everything from the basic InDesign tools, the Walsworth Control Palette to even more advanced features of InDesign. We're here for experienced advisers, too, with some tips and tricks we wish we would have known sooner in order to make our adviser lives easier. InDesign: Johnson/Sparks/Photoshop: Walsworth Marketing Designers

Online Design/Yearbook 360
Have you explored Yearbook 360? Do you have experience in Online Design? Maybe you have never opened it. Today our experts will take you through all aspects of Walsworth’s Online Design experience.